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Welcome Message

Welcome to Magnet Australia. Magnet Australia is a professional Australian based company providing full range of quality magnet products and service (NdFeb Magnet, Ferrite Magnet, Rubber Magnet, SmCo Magnet, AlNiCo Magnet, Magnetic Bar & Ball). H\aving a solid network in Asia Pacific area, we are able to offer the most competitive magnet products and service for our clients.

Magnet Australia is always committed to help our clients source best quality products and service. We are very confidently believe our service will bring you value for money and we aim to establish the long-term and mutual beneficial relationship with you.

Please navigate our website for more information. We are looking forward to hearing from you.
Demonstration Pictures (NdFeb Magnet, Ferrite Magnet, Rubber Magnet, SmCo Magnet and AlNiCo Magnet with A Variety of Shapes)